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What is SproutWare?

A solution to too much tech and not enough time

Want more information?

SproutWare Simplifies Your Tech Stack

Saving You Time ⏰ and Money 💲

Worried About Learning a New System?

We thought of that....🤔💭

  • Tech Savvy and don't need help? We've got a plan for you

  • Not-So-Tech Savvy? We've got a plan for you

  • Want a Done-For-You Option? We've got a plan for you, too

Worried about Switching Tech?

We will help you move into SproutWare 🤯

  • Getting Started we help you get set up. You aren't on your own!

  • Personalized We help you add your branding, links, connections inside the system.

  • Systems you can use We provide calendars, automations and workflows you can use with days of signing up.

  • Roadmap We help you create a roadmap to mold the system to your needs

Dedicated Support

Need Help? We've got you 😍

  • 24/7 Chat & Zoom Support - Support on demand. Chat support that responds in an average of 90 seconds. Our knowledgeable staff offer next level service.

  • Weekly Office Hours - We have weekly training and open office hours. Bring your questions and get help. Office hours are recorded so you can review later! These are often strategy sessions, not just how-to.

  • Membership/Course Area - We are building a Membership/Course area with a library of videos, SOPS, and PDFs for your reference.

  • Training - As a former teacher, I love creating learning opportunities. As my community grows, I want to create trainings you need. Have a request? Email me directly: [email protected]


Let's Answer a Few Questions 🙋‍♀️

Is there a contract?

Nope! We believe we offer an amazing support system and that once you get started you'll stick around. You can cancel at anytime prior to your next monthly invoice. You just email [email protected] and let us know.

Are there any additional costs?

* Usage-based Fees: Content AI, Premium Tasks, Business Phone, and Texting are optional use features and have additional fees associated with them and are usage based. These are optional features to turn on in SproutWare and use. The usage cost of these features is charged against credits that are recharged as you hit a minimum you control.

Content AI - No monthly fee. This is only charged based on your usage. The cost is $0.90 for 1000 words. To get started, each account receives 500 free words.

Workflow AI - No monthly fee. This is charged based on your usage. The cost is $0.15 per AI workflow action. To get started, each account receives 100 AI workflows.

Premium Tasks - No monthly fee. This is only charged based on your usage. The cost is $0.05 per task. This is a Zapier replacement.

Business Phone & Texting - There is a one-time registration fee that costs between $15-20 to ensure you are a trusted business for texting. The phone line is $6 monthly plus your usage. Text messages cost $0.0375 to send and $0.0395 to receive messages. Phone calls cost $0.065 per minute to make calls and $0.0425 per minute to receive calls. 

Prices may change without notice - we will pass that information along when we are made aware of changes.

Additionally, we offer Done-For-You services (at a discount) - those services are extra. Email [email protected] for more information

Will my monthly fee change?

Once you purchase, you keep that price until you cancel or upgrade.

When can I get Help Desk Support?

We have more support than you can shake a stick at!

We have 24/7 Help Chat built into the system (average response time is 90 seconds🤯). If that help chat isn't quite enough, you can ask your help agent to do a Zoom call. This help desk team are experts in SproutWare and located around the world - so you get 24/7 help!

Need strategy support? That's what our Weekly Office Hours are for - plus training. AND, depending on your plan, you'll have additional support time built in!

Have questions? Email: [email protected]

Who is providing support?

So many amazing folks!

Our 24/7 Help Chat team are SproutWare experts located around the world. The response time is an average of 90 seconds!

Our local support team consists of our Founder & Chief Educator - Denise Klein. She runs our weekly office hours. Those are part training, strategy and Q&A.

Additional (behind the scenes) support is provided by Holly Miller, our Chief Implementor (and Denise's sister).

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Have another question?

Please reach out - we are happy to answer any question you may have.

Email: [email protected]

Phone/Text: 540-469-0009

Book a Zoom Call: click here

or use the chat feature in the bottom right of the screen

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